Since 1964, African Americans began to register themselves as voters.Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s characterisation of the mobs that lynch Muslims as crazy is as belated as it is futile. In most cases it was the Ku Klux Klan that staged them. and papers to show that they were bought at the cattle fair in Jaipur. But the BJP assiduously seeks the RSS’s support in every election. In all these five years, not once did he denounce them — for fear of losing his rabidly communal followers’ support. People ask why lynchings have spread like the plague since he became Prime Minister five years ago. The Jaganmohan Reddy Commission on the Ahmedabad riots of 1969 said, "What could be expected from law-enforcing and government agencies is a proper appreciation of the communal atmosphere prevailing in a state, in a town or in any particular place or locality, to anticipate trouble and to take steps to nip it in the bud or to deal with it firmly when such a situation does arise. Then they started beating us with hockey sticks and belts. Former President Barack Obama never hesitated to denounce outrages against African Americans..In the United States and Britain, those who espouse the claims of racial or religious minorities are not denounced. "It could have been me," he said on one famous occasion. The perpetrators of the crime were lionised; their victims ignored.

The law and order machinery becomes an China Woodworking Machinery Equipment Manufacturers arm of such forces. The areas affected fall in BJP-ruled states.Heads of the state and government are the nation’s teachers.The first years of Modi’s regime saw virulent propaganda for cow protection. Prosecutors become defence counsel. His description belittles their crime almost to the point of defending it. In effect, he condoned them. The police are indifferent, if not worse. In India, they are branded as "communalists" who draw on this "vote bank".By arrangement with Dawn.Over the years, since 1980, an atmosphere of "anti-minorityism" has been created. Jawaharlal Nehru — whom the Hindutva-besotted RSS and its political department, the BJP, hate — never failed to denounce such crimes. India’s Ku Klux Klan is in the driving seat of power. There is more than one reason for their decline. They tore the papers up and looked at my father’s beard and said you are Muslims. It provides money as well as muscle. One case that was widely noticed and led to condemnation was that of Pehlu Khan of Haryana. Muslim politicians in "secular" parties like the Congress run for cover whenever an issue affecting Muslims arises.

The reason is that, for the most part, they are his ideological supporters. One is grateful to NGOs and activists who speak up for Muslims. His calculated silence was treated as approval. They are maliciously violent criminals. Modi’s ascent to power removed all checks on the lynchers. He was lynched to death on April 1, 2017 in the presence of his son, who said, "We had two cows and two calves in the truck . People who commit such crimes are not "crazy". The targets are Muslims, dalits and Christians. The RSS and the BJP openly direct their political aims and policies to seek the Hindu vote.. They said they were from the Bajrang Dal. Their praise and denunciation mould public opinion. The entire society gets affected. They are all but extinct now, though police excesses against African Americans continue off and on. Nor, for example do the Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom or the Presidents of the United States; bar, of course, Donald Trump.Southern states of the United States were once famous for lynchings of African Americans.In an atmosphere charged with group hatred, violence against the targeted group follows naturally."The spread of the crime is ably documented by Zia Us Salam in his book Lynch Files."This becomes impossible if the state itself supports those who spread group hatred and use violence to fulfil their aims

Targeting minorities On Dec.The home minister along with his cabinet colleague Kiran Maheshwari and Rajsamand MP Hariom Singh Rathore was member of a Whatsapp group that hailed the murder of Afrazul. The sustained campaign of polarising on communal lines is paying off for the present dispensation," he said. "Usually, two sides are involved in what we call communal clashes but what is being seen now is that attacks are happening only by one side on flimsy ground," he said.Social scientist and former professor in Rajasthan University, Dr. The social divide is widening.A senior police officer who has served in sensitive areas at the time of communal frenzy in the 90s agreed."We are becoming reactionary and religious intolerant.He said what is worry is that unlike in the past when at least those in the government would condemn such incident, they now openly support the perpetrators of crime.The Whatsapp group was created by Prem Mali who claims to be a Rajasthan BJP worker.

 It is part of a much larger conspiracy to instill fear among the minorities to make them submissive and nonchalant," he explained.Dalit social activist Bhanwar Meghwanshi who was at one point of time active member of RSS warns about ignoring murder of Pehlu Khan and Afrazul as mere hate crimes.Social scientists also accuse those in the state government machinery of tacitly supporting the aggressors, who in most cases happen to be Hindus. Rajasthan, where not a single major incident of communal violence took place at the time of partition, has transitioned over the decades from a quiet and peaceful state to the one having several flashpoints of communal polarisation that began in the late 80s with Ram Temple movement that left behind a trail of hatred, distrust and fear and setting off a chain of communal incidents in last three decades. 13 by cow vigilantes in Alwar. 6, Afrazul, a labourer from West Bengal, was murdered and burnt alive by a dalit man, Shambhu Lal Regar, Woodworking Drilling Equipment Manufacturers who accused Afrazul of ‘Love Jihad’ in RajsamandDairy farmers, Pehlu Khan and Umar Khan, were killed on April 1 and Nov. In case of Afrazul’s brutal murder, he remarked that it showed the anguish and anger of the killer. It now figures in the rogue list of eight states which account for 85% of communal incidents in the country.

"It is planned terrorism by the majority community. He pointed to statements by state home minister Gulab Chand Kataria.Jaipur: Mob lynchings and "love jihad" violence are the latest in series of hate crimes and reactionary and religious intolerance, multiplied by irresponsible social media, that are tarnishing Rajasthan’s image as a communally violent state. When Pehlu Khan was killed, Mr Kataria said that both sides were at fault.Experts say the ugly face of present day communal violence is different from the past as it is vicious, venomous and one-sided."Earlier, the other side was also at fault sometimes but now there is only one aggressor and the other one is a victim," said Kavita Shrivastava, state president of PUCL who has done several case studies of communal incidents in Rajasthan while referring to killing of dairy farmers Pehlu Khan and Ummar Khan allegedly by cow vigilantes in Alwar and most recently migrant labourer Afrazul Sheikh’s killing in a suspected case of "love Jihad" by Shambhulal Regar in Rajsamand district.According to him, during Ram temple movement and post Babri mosque demolition people got influenced events at national events but now they are giving into false propaganda of love jihad while there is data to support this trend. Rajiv Gupta said the trend of increasing violence against Muslims reflects decay of progressive intellectualism

Top city police officials also informed that they would record videos of the celebration to make sure rules were followed. There are 600 govinda mandals and their thousands of members. While some politicians, who organised Dahi Handi in a big way year after year, have backed out this time,Mr Thackeray is determined to defy the apex court order. MNS will form a similar Dahi Handi in Thane.Sources in MNS said that at the two places, the party is going to form more than four-layered Dahi Handis.. Cases will be registered against offenders.The Supreme China Woodworking Drilling Equipment Court’s refusal on Wednesday to modify its order, capping at 20 feet the height of human pyramids in Dahi Handi festival, failed to budge Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) chief Raj Thackeray from his plans of flouting norms on Thursday. "I stand by my views. Let’s see what action they would take. The festival should be celebrated," Mr Thackeray said on Wednesday.

Refusing to take the responsibility of following the court’s norms, one of the organisers and BJP MLA Ram Kadam said that Govinda mandals could not be controlled during the festival. As per sources, Mr Thackeray plans to celebrate the festival by getting a six-tier Dahi Handi formed outside his residence in Shivaji Park. The court should not have intervened in the matter and the state government should have kept its side before the court properly. According to police officials, they have given permission to as many as 3,387 mandals for Govinda celebration, along with the instructions to stick to Supreme Court's guidelines and ensure no rule violation. How would the government machinery take action "The police have issued guidelines to Govinda mandals and deployed around 30,000 policemen, which forms 90 per cent of its force, to ensure safety during Dahi Handi festival. On the police taking action against those flouting the court’s order, Mr Thackeray said, "That, can be seen later.

At the same time, the city police have asked organisers of Dahi Handi festivities to abide by the Supreme Court guidelines during Janmashtami on Thursday, failing which appropriate action will be taken against them